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These FAQ's were lasted updated September 9th, 2012

What is your mission and work?
The mission of Garden Delivered is to create a vibrant local food system that advances economic viability, community health, social equity, and sustainable agriculture in Spokane County.

What are the benefits of being a member of Garden delivered?
* You can shop on our easy to use Garden Delivered website and have all your groceries delivered right to your front door.
* You can access our fresh produce variety box options. Our produce specialists work each week with dozens of local farms to find you the freshest best tasting produce. The produce box also saves you money because we cut the middleman out of the deal, which means the farmer gets a great price and so do you. When you select any of our produce box options you will improve your health and support our local farming economy while enjoy the best taste at a great price.
* When you order any of our standard produce box options you get FREE home delivery.
* You get 3% off any cash purchase in our store.
* You can write checks for groceries you purchase at the store as long as you have a debit or credit card on file with us.
* At Garden Delivered we go to great lengths to take care of our members. All of our staff are passionate and knowledgeable about fresh produce and local foods. Our staff love helping you find that perfect cooking item. Our friendly member care specialist will help you navigate our home delivery system, register for membership or even help you with questions you have about the produce that came in your fresh delivery.

How do I sign up for membership?
Becoming a member of Garden Delivered is quick and easy. You can sign up on our website www.gardendeliveredspokane.com by clicking on "Join Garden Delivered" which is at the top of the page in the green bar. You can also stop by the Gluten Busteres/Garden Delivered store located at 2015 N Division Street and one of our friendly staff can help get you registered. All of the benefits of membership only cost you $35 a year. Once you pay your dues you can jump right into utilizing all the benefits of membership.

I have an EBT (Food Stamp) card, can I join Garden Delivered?
Yes, we are here to help you eat healthier and save money. We know that if you qualify for state help you are living on a fixed income. To help we give you a free membership and 10% off all your grocery purchases (except for wine and beer). To register as an EBT member call our member care specialist 509-805-2195. Also, please note that we cannot home deliver orders that will be paid for with EBT cards.

What can I order for home delivery?
You can order anything we have on the shelves in our store, most things produced in our deli/bakery and anything on our website. The only exception is ice cream type items.

Are there delivery fees?
You can get FREE delivery with any standard produce box you order. You can add any items onto your produce box and still get the FREE delivery. All other deliveries have a small $5 delivery charge. So you can get just a few things, or a Heat & Eat option, or even cases delivered for this small charge. Note: There is a delivery minimum for each neighborhood so if you live in a $45 delivery minimum zone you will need to add groceries onto a $35 produce box or choose a $45 produce box to meet the minimum requirement to qualify for FREE delivery.

What day of the week can I expect my order?
We only deliver within the greater Spokane area including Mead, Colbert, some areas in Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake. Your zip code has a corresponding delivery day. Enter your zip code in the box at the right to see what day we deliver to your area. Please note we do not deliver to all areas within a zip code. If you want more information about whether we deliver to your address contact our member care specialist at 509-808-2195.

I want to get the standard fresh produce box option but I don't like Brussels sprouts. Can I get a substitution?
Yes, at any time you can have three items that you don't like on your NO list. You cannot have a class of produce like citrus on your NO list. You can only change your NO list once a month. We cannot alter the contents of your fresh box each week. When any of your NO list items are scheduled to be in the fresh box we will replace your NO item with a comparably priced fresh fruit or vegetable. If you have NO items we also ask for you to suggest items on your LOVES list. Though we cannot guarantee it, we try very hard to replace your NO item with something you LOVE.

Can I get produce tips?
You bet. We love produce and we love sharing how to handle, store and prepare your fresh fruits and vegetables. We want you to know how quickly to eat highly perishable items like raspberries so you don't waste this yummy nutritious food. We have developed a produce guide to help you navigate the often confusing world of produce. If you need further assistance answering those hard produce questions call our member care specialist at 509-808-2195.

I need recipes. Can you help?
Yes! At Garden Delivered we love to cook and share cooking tips and recipes. Each week we send out the weekly news to keep you current on member special offers, events and classes along with a recipe using items from the current weeks produce variety box. We also love to receive recipes so if you have a tried and true recipe you want to share please send it to members@gardendeliveredspokane.com.

How do I pay for my web order?
For all web orders you must have a credit or debit card on file with us or prepay for your order. We run the credit card we have on file for your order when we process the order.

Do I have to give you my credit or debit card number?
We want you to know we go to great lengths to protect your personal information. We do not require you put a debit or credit number on account with us. You will not be able to write checks for purchase in store and must put money on account before placing a website order.

How does payment work for pre-ordered super saver cases?
We offer a full line of natural foods groceries at a steep discount for case orders. We do not keep these cases in stock so we order your cases after you place the order with us. This real time buying is why we can get you such a good deal. Once you place the order with us it will take one to two weeks for most cases to arrive. We charge your credit or debit card on file for the cases when you place the order. When the cases arrive at the Gluten Busters/Garden Delivered store we ship the cases out with your regularly scheduled delivery or call you to let you know your cases are ready for pickup at the store. If a cases of product is zero shipped (in other words the manufacturer was out of the cases and did not send it to us) we will order the product a second time. If the case is zero shopped a second time then we will refund your Garden Delivered account.

Do you give out my name and address to anyone?
Never, we value your privacy and do not share any of your information with outside sources.

How do I know what will be in the standard fresh produce boxes this next week?
On the left side of the website is a section called Fresh Box Contents click on this to see what is in the fresh boxes this week. The box contents are updated each Saturday for the upcoming week.

I understand you have a weekly email newsletter with specials and current information. How do I sign up?
On our website look for the box with the newsletter in the green bar. Simply enter your email in the box to sign up to receive the weekly news.

How do I get charged for my renewal dues?
Your Garden Delivered dues renew on the month you signed up. If you are currently getting regular orders then your dues are automatically added to your order when it is time to renew. If you are not currently using member services you will not be charged for dues. Dues renew every year regardless of how often you use the member services during the year.

I want to work for Garden Delivered how can I apply?
We have very low turn over at Garden Delivered so we do not hire often. When we do have a position open it will be announced in the weekly news and posted at the Gluten Busters register and on the bulletin board.

Can I have Heat & Eat foods delivered?
Yes. Just order from the Heat & Eat section, add to your shopping cart and it will be delivered with the rest of your grocery order.

Is there a delivery minimum for my neighborhood?
Yes, each neighborhood has a set delivery minimum. Most of the regular close in neighborhoods in Spokane are $35 with outlying delivery areas around $45. We also have some far reaching areas with minimums above $45 and some areas within delivery zip codes that we do not deliver to. If you order a fresh box and want the FREE delivery you still must order the minimum amount of groceries for your neighborhood to receive the FREE delivery. If you need more help understand this please contact our member care specialist 509-228-8322

If I am outside the delivery area can I become a member and pick up my orders?
Yes. You can pick up orders at the Gluten Busters/Garden Delivered store Tueday through Friday between 4 pm and 7 pm.

How do I schedule a pickup?
For orders to be picked up at the Gluten Busters/Garden Delivered store you can schedule a pick up by 9 am for same day pick up Monday through Friday. You can place this order via online shopping at www.gardendeliveredspokane.com or call 509-808-2195.

What do I do if I receive a sub quality item of produce in my delivery?
Our produce experts work hard to get you the very freshest and best tasting produce but once in while something sub quality makes it past our vigilant quality check process. If you happen to get an item of sub quality produce please email or call us and we will give you a replacement with a fresh item or an item of comparable value in you next order.

Do you work with local farmers?
Yes, we work with over sixty area farmers. We are proud to pay farmers a great price for their high quality produce grown with love using organic standards.

Where does produce come from in the winter?
During our local farming season most of the produce we sell comes from local farmers. While we are still able to purchase selective local crops, in the off-season we also work with several different produce brokers so we can ship in large quantities at a reduced cost and pass this savings onto you. This is why the fresh box is such a good value.

So you carry ALL THINGS LOCAL ~ What is considered local?
Most of our local produce when in season comes from within 200 miles of Spokane. Our unique store selection is focused on finding all foods produced in our four state area (Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon) and stocking these items on our shelves. So you won't find every item every time, sometimes we will have local eggs and sometimes we will be out. Local food is hit and miss and we are here to support the local food producers week in and week out as they continue to grow to meet the demand.

How do I cancel a scheduled delivery?
We are happy to cancel a scheduled delivery with a call or email that reaches us by 9 am the day before your scheduled delivery or pick up. If you did not make the cancellation dead line we are happy to donate your paid for fresh box to a needy family. We work with many low-income families so we can easily find a grateful low-income home for your fresh box.

You have a limited supply of my favorite local item, how do I make sure I get some when it comes in?
As a valued member you can place a pick up order for the item and we will hold it for you to pick up. Contact our member care specialist with your special needs related to limited supply local items 509-808-2195.

I want to get an additional item along with my standard box every time how do I set this up?
We are happy to set you up with a standing add on that is continuously scheduled to be delivered with your order. To schedule standing add-ons call our member care specialist 509-808-2195 or email members@gardendeliveredspokane.com.

I am confused about how to use the website!
Our member care specialist is happy to help you learn how to navigate the Garden Delivered website. For help call 509 808-2195.

How do 10 box pre-pays work?
If you pre-pay for 10 fresh boxes with cash or check you get an 11th box FREE. Call or email our member care specialist to take advantage of this great deal. You can reach member care by calling 509-808-2195 or email members@gardendeliveredspokane.com

What are raw foods?
Raw foods are prepared with only fresh ingredients such as raw produce, nuts, seeds and herbs. Raw food preparation means the food is not heated past 107 degrees. At Fresh Abundance we have an ever-expanding variety of raw juices, cookies, salads, nut butters, chips and crackers. It is a proven fact that people who eat more raw, whole foods are healthier.

What are gluten free foods?
These are foods that do not contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat (triticale, spelt, kamut, emmer), rye, and barley. Gluten free things like oats can be contaminated with gluten by being processed in a facility that also mills flour or other gluten containing products. We have a strict gluten free kitchen ~ no gluten in means no gluten out.

I heard you have a gluten free kitchen, I have celiac and am scared to eat out, what level of "gluten free" can you assure me?
For a newly diagnosed celiac we know the food world becomes a very scary place. Many celiacs are very sick by the time they learn that gluten is what is causing all of their health issues. We at Gluten Busters are here to serve celiacs truly gluten free food. We go to great lengths to maintain a gluten free kitchen and store. We take pride in offering a delicious gluten free eating experience without the possibility of cross contamination.

What are the fresh box options?
At Garden Delivered we have three fresh box options to help you eat well so you can be healthier, happier, and have more fun in your new body that has more energy and less fat.

$35 Fresh Produce Variety Box is a mix of organic fruits and vegetable selected by our produce experts so you get the very best that is seasonally available every week of the year.

$45 Happy Family Variety Box is a great option for families or people who consume a lot of fresh produce. This fresh box has the same contents as the Fresh Produce Variety Box plus several more fresh items.

$36 Fabulous Fruit Box this a wonderful box full of decadent, fresh fruit for your eating pleasure.

All three of these options come with FREE delivery.!

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