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Garden Delivered makes FREE deliveries in the Spokane area but you can pick up your boxes at the store if you live out of the delivery zone or just prefer to shop at the store in person.

Did you read about us? See it on the news? Or maybe your dog told you about it.

How did you hear about Fresh Abundance?:

Each member has the option to be on a weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule where you can sign up for a standard $35.00 Fresh Produce Variety Box, $45.00 Happy Family Variety Box, or the $36.00 Fabulous Fruit Variety Box to be automatically delivered to your home or business. The Variety Boxes change each Friday at 6pm and the contents can be seen via the weekly box contents link on your left.

The other box option is to Build-Your-Own. There is a $35.00 minimum for delivering a Build-Your-Own box, but no minimum if you are planning on picking them up.

What delivery option would you like?:

If building your own box sounds like the best option to you, or if you would prefer to not be on a delivery schedule, we recommend being On-Call and placing your order before 9am the day before your delivery.
If you are picking up boxes we need to know by 9am the same day. Pick up times are between 4pm-6:30pm, Monday- Friday and anytime Saturday and Sunday.
For a pick up on Saturday or Sunday, we need the order in by 9am Friday.
With orders placed on-line a day or more ahead of time for pick-up, you can specify in the notes during the check-out process when you would like to pick it up.

How often would you like a delivery?:

The prices listed are based upon cash, check or credit/debit card due within 7 days with a credit/debit card on record. If you prefer, we can automatically charge your card. A card is needed to be on record in case there is a late payment or you wish us to charge it. We will ask for a card when we call.
Once you receive deliveries, how would you like to pay for them?:

We set up all our member accounts with the option to have up to 3 no-thank-you items (produce items you never want as part of your standard Variety Box). If one of your no items is part of the order that you are receiving, it will be removed and replaced with something we have in stock of equal value. For example; You dislike kale, if kale is ever scheduled to be in a box we will replace it with a comparable item.
Would you like us to replace anything that you dislike if it is scheduled?:

We also will make notes of preferred replacements (produce items you and your family like). If we need to make a replacement because of a no item in your box or because we were unable to get one of the items in to the standard box, we will use one of your preferred replacements (if it's in stock).
Preferred Replacements:
(list anything you like that can we can put in the box to replace what you do not want to receive)


If your address is difficult to find or not well marked for other reasons, please provide directions from the closest major intersection. Include landmarks such as fencing or house color. Please to not use a live animal as a landmark.
Specific Directions:
(if necessary)


Where would you like us to leave your delivery if you are not there to accept it?:

When would you like your first delivery?:

Questions, Comments or Notes:
Do you have a dog, wombat or other vicious beastie that will eat the delivery person?


Phew! We're getting close to being finished.

Just a few important items we really want to make you aware of:

  • Membership dues are $35 per year.
  • In warmer weather (over 50 degrees) you must provide a cooler with ice packs. If our driver is dropping off items such as dairy, that need to stay cold. If no cooler is left out, the drivers will not leave your cooler items and you will still be charged but are welcome to pick up your items at our store within 48 hours. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY!!!
  • If there is an item(s) that you are looking for, and you do not see it on our web site, let us know and we will check into getting them. Like any other whole foods store we have access to almost anything. Most of our items are also available at a discounted price if you purchase them by the case.
  • We are a whole foods store (not to be confused with the store chain Whole Foods) and offer a tremendous amount of items as bulk and refill. Food as well as cleaning products.
  • We love to hear feedback! Please let us know how you like or do not like things! We have a 100% replacement policy, so if you get a bad apple or something, let us know and we will happily replace it in your next delivery.
  • We *will* be calling you reference signing up. It may take a week or so, but you'll be hearing from us. If you'd like a delivery as soon as possible call us first at 533-2724.

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